Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We walk around this world with such grief that we have no room for a smile, a laugh or wink. We believe no other human understands our grief.
We fake smiles and tell everyone that we are ok, when in actuality, we are screaming for someone to hear us.
All I want to tell you is this: TELL THEM THAT YOU JUST WANT TO GIVE THEM A HUG. Just give them a hug and a smile and tell them to feel better. A speech is not what they need at the moment, IF you see them pulling away, ask them if they want something to drink.
 They might not tell you, but in their heart, they are grateful for that hug and that smile. It lets them know that you are there for them and you are ready whenever they are ready to share with you.
Do not tell them to stop crying, IF you see them crying. Those tears have meaning and worth and if you can’t handle them, then walk away. MIND YOU. That moment is when they need you most to just be a FRIEND. Don’t you dare tell me, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH A CRYING PERSON.
JESUS WEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!
The comfort you give them, is not because you are helpless, but it’s because of the love and compassion that’s within your heart. If you feel nothing and are moved by nothing, then I pray that God’s grace finds you very soon. A person can only give what they can give to themselves.

Meaning that if you love yourself and have compassion for your life, then you will be able to offer that to the person next to you. Love one another as you love yourself was the command given to us by God. How can you claim to love a brother or sister, when you do not love yourself? You offer them the best that you have offered yourself. Take care of yourself before you start taking care of another.
I do not mean that you should be selfish with your wealth or refuse to help a person in need, in the name of taking care of yourself first. That will be greediness. Hence taking care of others as you would yourself, means you should love them and do to them what you would expect them to do unto you.
All I can tell you is this. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. If you do not allow yourself to be vulnerable, then you will never know just how much help you need. Your grief should not be used as a shield. It should be a weapon of teaching, nor deviance. Take it and make it your stepping stone to do God’s will. Leave not room for hate. It will only eat you up from inside and you will only have regrets in the future.
Thank the Lord you went through that grief, because if you had not gone through it, you would never have truly known just how capable he is to bring you out of it. If you believe God can pull you through any storm in life, then allow your grief to show and not pretend that it does not exist, or it does not hurt. Do not let God’s grief for his son go to waste. He did it for you and me, and it should not be a shame for you to grasp it and admit your vulnerability before him.
When we walk around life without grief, we do not notice these people walking around us. They are screaming from inside, and all they want is for someone to own up and listen to them. Just give them a hug and they will, maybe, consider you as a friend. Make them smile.
MAY 13, 2013