Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Take the time to know her

Lately, i have been reading a book by Charles, R Swindoll, entitled "Dare to Laugh Again." Here is a man who had every right in the Bible to be angry with God, mad at the world and all its joys and happiness. He had every right to be mad, because there was no place were he really belonged. Not Swindoll, but Paul.
Rather than wallowing in self-pity or calling on his friends to help him escape or at least gain relief from these restrictions, Paul sent a surprisingly lighthearted message, and urges the Philippians to be people of Joy.
Just reading about Paul and the request for joy in our hearts, has made me realize that people who seem not to have joy in their hearts, actually do wish they had someone to seriously have a good laugh with. They just need to you put your judgmental assumptions about them and get to know them for who they really are.
Maybe that cold stoned face you see is the only coping mechanism to use and need you to help them get rid of it. Instead, we are so stuck up in our own assumptions and conclusions about them that they find it hard to fit in or relate with you.
So many times when growing up, i used to think my grandma had no sense of humour and was out to make my life miserable. I always thought she was no fun and mean. I tried to get away from her as much as i could.

Looking at the joy and the radiance on her face, i realize that this woman has always been fun in her own way. I just never took the time to get to know her. As the years went by, i began looking back at all those times i had the chance to let her know i was there for her and loved her, and i cried.
The same woman as i realize now has always been fun in her own way.

It takes the love of Jesus toe change one's perspective of others. The Lord just needed to change my heart to see her for who she was and not for what i wanted her to be.
I didn't realize how much i loved her till i walked away from home and grew into a different woman.

She has inexplicable joy on her heart, and needed me to share it with her. I thank God i can be the one now to share that joy with her. The time i spent her here gave me more joy as never before. Although she is sometimes to deal with, as i know i am hard to deal with, she is the most adorable gma one could ever ask for.
The love i have for her now grows everyday as we share our pains, joys and letting our hearts open to each other.
I am still learning much as a Christian, and i do thank the Lord for helping me put hat into practice everyday what i learn from him. Let the joy of knowing the Lord Jesus in your heart, be shared with those around you as you look at them the way he would.
Let their little smiles fill your heart and let those little things they do for you be the core foundations of your love. Do not take them for granted, but give back in return with affection and appreciation.

Get to know him walking with you, laughing with you, angry at you, and dare to laugh with them when they are down. We can't fix them, but God can change us to see the change in them.

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