Friday, March 1, 2013

The love around us

I woke up this morning with one of the strongest feelings. I could actually put a finger to it. Just day before yesterday, Sandy's mom called me and told me they wanted me to travel with them to Tanzania.
Next week is elections here in Kenya, and i was looking forward to staying and observing whole elections. When she called and asked me, i was almost in tears, for in truth, i had not wanted to travel so far. I had already made plans in my head of how i shall sleep, write my internship report and everything.
I told her, i will call her back later and confirm if i am able to go. The other issue was my visa. I had to have a visa before crossing boarders into another country. Sandy is in Tanzania and my heart should have been racing to see him. It was, but the point was not him. The point was his parents.
They were leaving the country, and they were not going to leave their soon to be daughter-in-law behind. Just that gesture of kindness, brought me to my knees in thanksgiving, for such a family that loves me. They do appreciate me and have accepted like their daughter.
Yesterday, i prayed for my visa to be done in one day, and it was. The lady told me to come back at 3:00p.m to pick it up and I did. It was one of the most amazing prayer answered gifts i have had this year. God's love with the Mora's love was all evident, the moment i met Sandy. He became a blessing in my life and though he does not know this, he enabled me to grow stronger in my faith as i encouraged and walked with him in his faith.
His parents having so much faith and trust in who i am has even lifted the bar higher for the woman i know God intended me to know. Never has he done things for me half way. He has always carried everything through, using all the planned steps. I have watched those around me, love me for me, because he who is in me is not finished yet.
Have you taken a moment to count all the blessings you have had in your life? All those small blessings outweigh the horrible things you believe to have gone through. The small gestures that people offer you, count them all as blessings, for the little love they have within them, has been shared with you.

I felt so much love and joy, that i decided to go for a photo shoot. Hehehehehe.

Yes, i took photos of myself, for i felt beauty, joy, happiness, a strong sense of peace and a bright future. I saw no need to doubt and i had a conversation with my father. All the people that come my way are a blessing in one way or another. They may not see it, but i praise the almighty for them everyday.

The love i have been offered can not be hidden. We may try to be private with our relationships and life, but when you share a happy moment with those you talk to based off that relationship, you help them a lot. You may not know it, but just your feeling free enables them to question their own relationships.
Let the love you have been given shine to others.

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